Ask a Realtor goodHomeowners sometimes wonder if they would be dollars ahead by selling their house themselves and saving the fees that are paid to a Realtor.  Years ago, when things were much simpler, some people did have success selling their house themselves.  Today, we face a much more complicated world in every endeavor including home sales.  Here are some of the services that a Realtor provides:


Pricing Knowledge  It is not easy to determine the proper asking price. Realtors have knowledge of new listings, recent sales, and price changes as they occur.  This vital information reflects the current market in your area as it really is.  After making many comparisons between your home and like properties, your Realtor can recommend an asking price that is competitive with similar homes on the market.  After the house is listed, periodic checks can be made into the computer system to assure you that your price does keep pace with ever-changing market conditions.

Marketing Experience  Because the sale of your home profoundly affects your financial well-being, it is no undertaking for an amateur. It is best to get the help and advice of someone who is working in the real estate business every day.  Realtors also possess selling tools not available to the average homeowner.  These include membership in a multiple listing service, large advertising budgets, access to the transferee through referral organizations and corporate relocation departments and home financing expertise used to qualify buyers.

Negotiating and Closing Assistance  Handling an offer and counter-offer require the right touch.  This is only learned through experience.  Once the offer is signed and accepted, the job is still not complete.  Now, the sale must be guided through numerous closing procedures that involve financing, inspections, conditions, legalities, and a multitude of details.