Does the Perfect Home Exist

picket fenceYou like the house, but not the lot.  You like the location, but not the house.  You like the floor plan, but not the decor. It’s always something.  People are disappoiunted when they can’t find the perfect home.   A home purchase is always a compromise.  The issue comes down to deciding what you must have and what you can give up. 

Some suggested items you should NOT give up:

Location  Remember, a home purchase must satisfy your needs and tastes but also be a worthwhile investment.  A good location can always make up for shortcomings in the property itself.

Bedrooms  The first question asked by potential home buyers is, “How many bedrooms does it have?”  The number of bedrooms must accommodate your needs and appeal to a significant percentage of buyers who will consider buying your home in the future.

Bathrooms  The second most frequently asked question is, “How many bathrooms?”  Don’t include the bathrooms that may be located in the basement, if any.  They do not carry the value that bathrooms have that are located elsewhere in the house.  A bath off the master bedroom is usually a much sought-after feature by most home buyers.