Buy or Rent

rent vs buyHave you thought about buying a home but felt you could not afford one now?  Don’t assume that you can’t; get the facts so you know where you stand.  We live in a time where there are many types of mortgage loans available, designed to appeal to various types of buyers based upon their financial needs.

Some people who are renting may not have much money saved up for the down payment on a house.  Some mortgage loans have been tailored for the low down payment buyer.

Ask a mortgage lender to find out how much financing you qualify for.  After getting this information, contact a Realtor and ask them to show you homes that are for sale in your price range.

If you see an affordable home that is appealing, you may want to seriously consider buying now rather than later.  If you are discouraged by the selection in your price range, find out how much more of a down payment and/or earnings you will need to buy the house you would want.