Location, Location, Location

PrintThere is an old saying in the real estate business:  the three factors that determine the value of a property are location, location, location.  In a national survey of home buyers, 67% indicated that location was their first consideration in choosing a home.  Why is location so important?


Work  The proximity of a home to places of employment has traditionally had a big influence on where people decide to live.  Many homeowners want to avoid the problems and frustrations of commuting a great distance to work.

Schools  If you are buying in a certain area because of schools be sure to verify that the home you are considering is in the desired school boundaries.  Some school boundaries wind through a subdivision including some homes and excluding others in the same neighborhood.

Lifestyle  Various locations offer different lifestyles to homeowners.  Country living is the only way to go for some people and they are willing to deal with longer commuting distances so that they can enjoy the wide open spaces.  Still, others like locations where they can enjoy the life of the city.